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Roland TD-30KV V-Tour Electronic Drum Set *V-Pro with Supernatural Sounds*

Roland TD-30KV V-Tour Electronic Drum Set *V-Pro with Supernatural Sounds*


Drum Sound

Drum Track Processing Tips: Compression by Thai Long Ly

This is the second installment in my series of tutorials on the processing of drum tracks. Our focus here is on compression.



I tend to use compression for two distinct reasons – to color a signal or to control its dynamic range. Hardware is ideal, but software can get you there. I won’t go into great lengths about how to use a compressor but will touch upon some desired approaches regarding drum track compression. Also, there are four different types of compressors: Electro-Optical (opto), Vari-mu (Delta-Mu), VCA (voltage controlled amplifier), and FET (field effect transformer). For drum processing I’d recommend sticking with FET’s or VCA based designs, although you can get anything to work if you try hard enough.


First, let’s talk about color. By altering a compressor’s attack and release controls, one can alter how much sustain, attack and punch a track will exhibit. For example, by compressing a kick drum track you can control how much beater “click” you hear versus how much “body” and thump is heard. If you’d like more “snap” out of a kick, slow down your attack to allow more of the initial transient through. Need more “shell” or “bloom” in the bass drum track? You want to crank up the attack and slow down the release. Now the initial “clickiness” is caught and tamed while the tone of the shell is brought up. Think of this approach as a way to EQ the signal without resorting to using an EQ. Basically, you’re manipulating the attack and sustain of the drum tracks to produce more bite and punch or to round off transients for a softer mellower sound. Stylistically speaking, Modern Rock drum tracks seem to beg for massive amounts of compression, whereas Jazz and Folk tracks prefer to be untouched.


Ratio and threshold are also definitely important to drum tracks, but to me the key to proper compression is all in the manipulation of attack and release. If you’re using an LA2A, forget what I just wrote.


Okay, so the other reason compression is employed is to simply reduce a signal’s dynamic range. For instance, let’s say you have a snare drum track that has varying intensities in amplitude (meaning the session drummer played some hits harder than others) and you want a more consistent level or placement in the track, you may want to slap a compressor on it to keep the output constant. You could also place a limiter on the snare drum track to keep from spiking into the red (overloading) while still preserving most of the original dynamics. Limiting or compressing overhead mics is a common and you may find that just a touch of compression here and there can help reign in unruly hits. If you’re looking to present a more honest and natural drum sound, then slight hints of compression at low thresholds and low ratios should be the prescription. If you do decide to strap a compressor across the Drum Bus, I would recommend keeping the compressor in Dual Mono as opposed to linking the compressor in Stereo. Listen for yourself and do what you feel, but Dual Mono often seems more exciting and natural – allowing the drum tracks to sort of leap out of the speaker during fills and crashes.


Remember, experimentation is key with compression of drum tracks. Have fun and be sure to read my other articles in this series which address gating, parallel compression, equalization, and other concepts.

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Yamaha CP-1 Digital Stage Piano - Clearance!

Yamaha CP-1 Digital Stage Piano – Clearance!


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Vintage Drum

Nerf Raider Cs-35 All FREE Tips Here

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“Round” available ones N-STRIKE arsenal using this type of brilliant Nerf Raider Cs-35 blaster plus their exclusive drum publication! supplying that the best dart ability nevertheless, this drum journal keep 27 darts as well as comes with a obvious window to be able to let’s you know whenever your current ammo’s becoming very low.

ANY pump-action tackle permits you to manipulate your quote of hearth along with decide your blasting mode—either individual and also multi-shot! increase in which it’s flexible investment and tactical track, this kind of blaster is definitely the best alternative for any combat! this Nerf Raider Cs-35 includes tough plastic material body, with powerful participate in. it really is established some sort of basic Tommy gun layout, detailed with some sort of drum mag. that magazine may be used being a accessory together with another agreeable N-Strike blasters.

that Cs-35 is included with a good adaptable investment, which you adapt to fit along your equip. what’s more , it incorporates a tactical track, that you might equip together with a variety of N-Strike add-ons.

using a 35-dart capacity, this Cs-35 is known for a definitely substantial payload connected with foam. as a result, you would possibly expect the item to become little bit awkward, although it is actually remarkably mobile or portable. this blaster is usually easily portable plenty of to help short by using, along with you can actually blind-fire all over a corner easily.

you also must not ought to be worried about working outside darts. the Cs-35 comes with 30 darts. this darts are usually gentle in addition to tender, thus youthful kids can get involved around the steps.

you can find one particular disadvantage in the big dart power: each one dart needs to be reloaded professionally, and so getting ready this blaster regarding engage in normally takes numerous mins. even now, the actual fun you’ll have will be well worth these kinds of events regarding tedium. Nerf blasters have been doing engage in harmless regarding youngsters — together with enabling parents in-take many vapor — cardio currently, nevertheless today they’ve removed their particular best invention nonetheless! the revolutionary Nerf Raider Cs-35 keeps far more darts as compared with every other Nerf blaster, so it can be excellent with regard to high-speed combat. the particular huge bullets hopper usually means you may be heating out of darts prolonged soon after everyone other than them offers function dry, plus the distinct back teaches while your ammo’s going small!

the particular large drum masses easily, along with darts sliding into put on auto-pilot, nevertheless it empties even more quickly! send your handle, press the particular result in, in addition to allow travel. as well as, if you want a volley involving Nerf Cs-35 darts, contain the set-off lower, as well as push that take care of when rapidly since you can — you can send your barrage regarding gentle fruit darts maddening toward your regrettable focus on!

the following intense blaster may give the opponents and also competitors working to get covers when you move that out plus load the weapon. the following Raider Cs-35 mod gun supports approximately 35 personal foam darts you possibly can fireplace fast and on auto-pilot when you are in a very Nerf struggle struggling with to the throne-you might change in between sole opportunity mode, slam shoot mode as well as multi-shot mode without difficulty.

the particular Nerf Raider Cs-35 mod functions the drum magazine to help retail store that 35 foam darts as well as rotates while it tries for a takedown these folks to hold your paintballs constantly loaded. if you’re the supporter from the basic Nerf automatic guns that one usually takes the item into a totally new stage along with immediate fireplace activity in which simply can not be beat or even rivaled simply by any kind of single shot gun. this specific is sure to get in the gun struggle.

Will Karling plays 80′s TAMA SUPERSTAR Vintage DRUM

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Drum Kit

Exclusive Discoveries On Drum Covers

The friction with which the brakes stop the auto causes the friction material on the brake shoes to wear. At 1st the wear is usually taken up by adjustment, but when the friction material is two-thirds worn, they ought to be replaced.

Some just need to have dusting. The wind instruments need to have to get all the gunk out of their insides with something like a big pipe cleaner (I do not know if I want to know how that got in there and what it is. Drum kits, needless to say have their own quirks.

Brake shoes are quickly obtainable via your nearest Parts Centre, the sets on both wheels need to be replaced, should you don’t, this could cause uneven braking and the auto to pull to 1 side. Do not take chances, constantly fit the ideal good quality brake shoes.

The quick and straightforward resolution to maintain your drum kit good and shiny in concert-worthy dust-free perfection is to keep dust covers over it at all times. If your drum kit is kept at home for practice rather than in a studio, you will not will need to take these covers off, even for practice. However, you can’t do this for the cymbals (crash or hi-hat) extremely easily.

The most effective indicates of keeping your drum kit clean and shiny is through standard dusting. This does quite well for common cleaning and provided that you just do not attempt drinking and drumming at the exact same time or spill issues on it, this is all that’s needed. You can even ask your ordinary domestic cleaner to complete that for you.

If your drum gets slightly bit grubby, essentially the most probably spot to discover this is on the skins of the drums, as this is in get in touch with with sticks (and brushes) that aren’t usually super-clean. What you don’t want to do is to spray a really harsh chemical onto them. Even though the plastic of the skins is difficult for obvious reasons, some chemicals can react with them and ruin the skins – and they’re not affordable to replace. This may remove most of the grime. Just water may possibly be enough.

Never get a leather or hide drum wet. Leather stretches when wet and also you will lose the tone of one’s drum.

Cymbals may be polished with ordinary metal polish, or else having a paste created of salt and vinegar (no, not your leftover potato crisps!). Do not work in a circular motion, but rub as for those who had been moving along a spoke from the centre of the cymbal to the outside. Finish by buffing with a soft dry cloth. Gongs is often cleaned inside the very same way. This is appropriate for brass or for copper.


Step 1. Jack up the automobile and remove the wheel, generally use axle stands for safety. Chock the front wheels of the vehicle.

Step 2. Wrap a thick absorbant cloth around the brake fluid reservoir to soak up any fluid which might be forced out.

If you felt entertained by this article you should also like researching about Stainless Steel Pail and Beach Pail.

Roland TD4 Drum Kit Demo – Nevada Music UK

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Roland RSS 8048 Spatial Effects Processor Desper 3D

Roland RSS 8048 Spatial Effects Processor Desper 3D


Effects Processor
Effects Processor

Penalties Of Enhanced Hard Push Storage Densities

The contemporary really hard drive is a remarkable piece of technological achievement. Storage area networks capability gains more than the last dozen years have far outpaced analogous will increase in processor speeds. Yet, that identical enhance in storage area networking fields density has really produced storing your information on these huge difficult drives a somewhat riskier proposition than it had been in the previous.

To realize why, one needs a brief introduction to the anatomy of the today’s magnetic SAN storage products. There are four key elements in conventional drives. The to begin with is just one or more circular disks regarded as platters. These disks have a precise magnetically delicate coating applied to them and rotate quite rapidly when in operation. Every single platter is centered on the second hard disk component, the spindle. The spindle includes a motor that allows the platters to rotate at up to 15,000 rpm. The third part, is an actuator arm that glides over the magnetic surface area of the platter. There is a device at the end of the arm that is recognized as the study/create head, typically it is only referred to as the head. The head is capable to scan as clearly as write binary details by manipulating the magnetic attributes of a pretty small area on the platter. The fourth and ultimate major piece is the electronic circuit board for the push. This circuit board controls the rotation of the platters, the movement and placement of the actuator arm, and interfaces with the rest of the computer system.

ADD – ADHD – Stopping Very difficult Drive Crashes

At some point most of us have had to deal with a laptop or computer that is operating also gradually. So, traditionally, we clean the very difficult generate in purchase for the personal pc to operate speedier and smother the idea is to develop added zero cost area. Initial, we evaluate our tough generate, and then decide what things to continue to keep and what objects to delete. When you have AD/High definition and your brain is total of specifics, like duties and recommendations, you might sense overwhelmed when faced with doing these selections when it comes to your living. When you do make these selections, however, you will be shocked at the extra zero cost space.

We all are confronted with too lots of solutions. Thinking about at this time, I could: meet with shoppers, thoroughly clean the kitchen area floor, do the laundry, go to the summer camp information session, get in touch with some mates, get in touch with my sister, contact the airlines to get a ticket for my daughter for the summertime, renew my license, scan, compose a thank you be aware, react to folks on Facebook, publish my newsletter, engage in some networking, make social ideas. Ok, you get the notion. Oh, oh, I could just sense the overwhelming feeling coming.

Can Really hard Drive Phones Destroy THE iPod?

A new wave of cellular phones equipped with tiny nevertheless highly effective tough disk drives is threatening to put an conclusion to the meteoric rise of the iPod as the public’s favorite moveable digital new music player.

When you glimpse at the usual buyer, there are 3 important things that they could possibly arrive again to their household for if they have left just one of them behind: their wallet, keys and cellular cell phone.

Laptop Fix Ideas – Damaged Tough Drive? How to Recover Your Data Files

“Know-how… is a queer thing. It brings you fantastic gifts with a person hand, and it stabs you in the again with the other. “

It’s an accepted fact that very difficult drives are the weakest website link in computer technological innovation. The hard disk is in which the operating system and all software apps are stored. Since of this, a correctly functioning drive is necessary in the operation of any computer.

Lexicon MX400XL Effects Processor Demonstration